India: Married Muslim man lures two Hindu women into relationship, kills both
We have reported on numerous accounts of Hindu women being deceived into relationships by Muslim men and subsequently forced into religious conversions, condemned to living a hellish life, if not to being brutally murdered by the “beloved.”

The alliance between the democratic party and muslim terrorists will continue
Biden Will Fund Taliban Through ‘Humanitarian Aid’

Police in the German city of Cologne detained two men suspected of seriously injuring a Jewish 18-year-old on Friday night, in a group assault against the Jewish community

Conservative content from Poland. Born in France to Polish parents, now back to Poland

Time to stop Muslim immigration to U.S. before it's too late
Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard is on trial this week for telling the truth about Islam

Svenska kvinnor våldtas, svenska män misshandlas och mördas, skolor och andra byggnader bränns ner, kollektivtrafik och andra samhällsfunktioner saboteras. Unga människor bryts ned av narkotika. Allt på grund av muslimsk invandring

Bringing an End to Abortion
Assorted Reasons & Means to Actively Pursue an Abortion-Free Future

Another 9/11? Could it happen again?
Is it possible now that Afghanistan is ready to house islamic terrorists once again?

Bijan Tavassoli, Politiker der Linkspartei in Hamburg, macht keinen Hehl aus seiner Menschenverachtung. Er ist zufrieden mit den aktuellen Ereignissen in Afghanistan – Er unterstützt die muslimischen Terroristen, die Afghanistan erobern

CNN chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward donned a hijab while reporting from Kabul one day after the Taliban conquered the capital of Afghanistan. But that wasn’t enough, she was ordered to cover her face

Is it fair that female athletes at the olympics and elsewhere has to compete against persons who are born as males, but then later on changes their gender, and then competes against women while having the advantage of higher levels of testosterone in their bodies?. That is not fair at all. All sports organisations have to recongnise that there is only 2 genders, and that a persons gender is determined at birth. That is the only way to secure fair competition in sports

Islamization of America is accelerating. In tandem with the spread of Sharia law in America's courts,* the islamization of American media, political, education and prison systems in particular is gaining momentum. What is driving the Islamization of America? Estimated to be five million, the Muslim population in USA today is about the size of the Hispanic population 27 years ago

Biden has proposed very large tax increases to finance a bigger burden of government spending. Many of those tax increases will be imposed on corporations, and this will be bad news for the workers, consumers, and shareholders (i.e., the ones who actually foot the bill when politicians raise taxes on businesses)

Muslim immigrant from Turkey arrested after terrorist attack in the Netherlands
Gökmen Tanis has been arrested after shooting in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Suspects is be well known by the police

Enden er som sagt nær. Det er vist ingen hemmelighed, at deltagerne ved arrangementet Nørrebro Pride deles op efter hudfarve, og at hvide mennesker sendes ned bagest i optoget
Tænk, hvor meget man som hvid person må hade sig selv, hvis man møder op til det arrangement? Det er altså ret fascinerende

For decades, ADL has worked to support a secure Jewish and democratic state of Israel and to promote a strong and constructive US-Israel relationship


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